Your wedding is more than a celebration - it’s the first day of a new life with someone you love.  For one day, your love will shine in a parade of smiles, dancing, hugs and laughter.

On your wedding day, you deserve to have every memory exactly the way you want it.

That’s my mission.  I’m here to help you make great memories.


Your love. Your journey.  Your joy.  Your memories.

Your wedding day should be about you.

A Passion for Service

Service is a high calling and it can’t be confined to wearing a nice suit, plugging in some speakers and playing some tunes.

Service to me means doing whatever is necessary to assist you in making great memories.

I emcee your event, seeing that everything happens when you want it to, the way you want it.

I connect with your guests and your vendors to make everyone’s event as enjoyable as possible.

I play music that you’ve asked for and make the dance floor a fun place to be for everyone. 

I lend a hand where it is needed - that could mean lighting candles, moving chairs and tables, getting your plate at the buffet table so you can relax, or helping pour champagne for your guests.

And most importantly, when all the details are in place, I get out of the way so you can treasure the time with your invited guests. 

Above all, I serve you so your focus can stay where it belongs - on savoring the moments.

How can I serve you?